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Automatic, Hook-Setting Fishing Rod Holder

Automatic, Hook-Setting Fishing Rod Holder

Automatic, Hook-Setting Fishing Rod Holder

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This One Won't Get Away!

We all love to fish, but we all agree. It can get tedious just sitting around waiting.

You relax. Let's let the rod do the work! 



✅ Totally hands-free, automatic hook setting!

✅ Adjustible sensitivity!

✅ Holds all rod sizes!

Before you head out on the lake, make sure you get your hands on our new automatic hook-setting fishing rod holder for a successful fishing experience. With this miracle product, you don’t have to stand for hours waiting for the fish to bite.

Just fix the rod holder, adjust the sensitivity level, and sit back and relax. It is sensitive enough to detect the fish picking at the bait, activating the line trigger tip-up making for a perfect catch. The low and high spring tension variations allow you to catch big and small fish alike, from bass to tuna.



Made of high-quality stainless steel, this rod holder is durable, rust-proof, strong, and sturdy. Perfect for bank fishing, ponds, streams, or rivers. The 12cm/4.7-inch adjustable rubber strap can be easily fixed according to the width of your rod, securing and sound.

Make the best catch of your life by getting this amazing fish catcher. Order now before this one gets away.


Ask a Question
  • Is there a video on how to use?

    Yes, plenty online.

  • Can you set it so the fish pulls the trigger by wrapping the line around it? How much force is needed to pull the trigger?

    You can set it so that the fish pulls the trigger. And you can set different trigger tensions. You can set it to be sensitive to small fish like perch and brim, or set it so only bigger fish can set it off. 

  • How big of a fishing pole can be used with this?

    This fishing pole holder with 12cm/4.7inch adjustable rubber strap, adapting to general most fishing rods. Generally, a fishing pole with max diameter of 1.5inch can be used with auto fishing rod holder.

  • Can you mount on boats?

    It is better if you mount it on firm ground.

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