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Amazing Retractable Portable Stool

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Are you sick and tired of standing around waiting?

Hopefully one day SooperKool will be able to help you with the waiting part. For today, we can help you with the standing! Sit down anywhere!


✅ Portable! 


 Super strong and sturdy!



This portable retractable stool is truly going to change the way we think when we leave our home. Got your keys? Yup. Got your phone? Yup. Got your stool? YUP!

Whether you are going hiking, walking, biking or shopping! Don't forget to throw your  retractable stool into your bag to take a convenient rest any where you want.

Long Covid lines outisde the grocery store? No problem! You can rest while everyone else strains.

Take it with you to work or school, and turn your exhausting commute on packed public transit into a relaxing trip home. 




Made of high-quality plastic, it is durable and sturdy. It can hold 330lbs of weight! And weighs just 1.25 kg/2.8lbs! Comes with a comfortable shoulder strap so carry it on the go, or throw it in your bag and always be ready! The non-slip base and tight connecting clasps ensure that you feel stable and comfortable. The stool’s adjustable height design can be set to your desired height; from 2.4 to 18 inches, which makes it perfect for adults and kids too.  


  • Material: High-quality Plastic
  • Customization: Yes
  • Style: Retractable stool
  • Size: D25CM
  • General Use: Outdoor and indoor
  • Appearance: Modern
  • Feature: Mobile
  • Feature: Adjustable to any height

Be the person that your friends, family and even strangers ask "That is so cool! Where'd you get that!?". And when theyy ask, answer proudly. "That's from SooperKool!" 


Order yours now!


Ask a Question
  • My weight is 200 lb. Can I use this stool while fishing?

    Absolutely, the stool is made of ABS material.Very strong, it seems to bear more than 300lb.It's also more expensive than the average plastic stool, but it's worth the price, and it's perfect for a variety of outdoor USES like fishing.

  • My daughter wants a mini stool that fits in her room. Is it a good one for her?

    This stool is not difficult to use. I think she would use it if she could pick it up.You can adjust the height at will. It's not hard.And when not in use can be put away, do not take up space.

  • Does it make a lot of noise when you open and close it?

    No noise at all!

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